picture not found For over 20 years, Dougherty Electric has been the premier electrical and telecommunications contractor in the Philadelphia region. Rock-solid designs, efficient job organization, and unmatched quality have been our building blocks for excellent results.









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Testimonials :


Dougherty Electric is "solution-oriented and has the ability to provide extra manpower and resources on short notice, thereby offering effective assistance when unknown situations arise that require minimal time to provide solutions."

—David R. Puglisi, Director of Operations, First Finish, Inc.

“I found that Dougherty Electric, Inc. was an absolute pleasure to do business with. I thank them for a job well done and look forward with great anticipation to our future dealings!”

— Barry Reap, Manager Verizon CSI


“Don Dougherty and his staff keep their customers well informed of the process and understand how to organize a large job; they are always professional in their dealings and always willing to adapt to changes as they may occur...

—Jordan Cooper, Managing Director, Warwick Hotel


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